Our Foodshed

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The Institute for Mindful Agriculture is one of several collaborative partners in the Hudson Valley in a long-term, holistic project to describe, hold, and cultivate our foodshed. To begin, we gather partners to co-lead community-driven research and storytelling about the Hudson Valley, describing place and acknowledging the deep ecological, social, economic wounds that are a part of our current food landscape. Telling the story of our place together, we hope to build trust among a diverse group of residents, eaters, farmers, makers, and sellers in the Hudson Valley. With our collective insights, we may begin to cultivate a better foodshed for us all.

Keep in touch with IMA as this project unfolds...

The Community Garden Internship Project

The Community Garden Internship Project

The Institute for Mindful Agriculture coordinates with the Bard Prison Initiative, the Insight Garden Program, and Black Urban Growers for the Community Garden Internship Project. Together, we help inmates connect to self, society, and nature through gardening and food curriculum. IMA also connects people coming out of prison to community gardens and food jobs in NYC.

Healthy Food For All Initiative in Columbia County

The Institute for Mindful Agriculture, a part of the Hawthorne Valley Association, and Long Table Harvest have partnered with the Berkshire-Taconic Community Foundation to offer a community-led organizing process to bridge and help heal the social, economic, and ecological divides of our county’s food eco-system.

This project hinges on one essential idea: conscious collaboration built on deep listening and growing trust.

Begun in July 2016, we are continuing the work on our project, “Healthy Food for All in Columbia County” using
basic IMA concepts and Presencing Institute social technologies. We now have a thriving group of members of the Hudson Community Core Group representing all demographics and ethnicities active in the city and have piloted a “Seafood Buying Club” at their request and with their active participation.

We are also working on a mobile market project with an anticipated launch date of early
summer 2018. It will bring fresh foods and staple groceries initially around Hudson and the
following year throughout Columbia County. We also pioneered the Columbia County Food
Association and will be tasking it with researching the concept of an active food hub located in