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Healthy Food for All

Starting with a grant from the Berkshire-Taconic Community Foundation, in partnership with Long Table Harvest, we’re working on cultivating social soil & food access downtown Hudson, NY and rural Columbia County. Our community’s latest prototype: RollingGrocer 19, a mobile and brick-and-mortar grocery with three-tiered pricing.

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Soil Tasting

Discovering our collective “soil blindspot”, playing with our senses and developing an experiential lexicon for soils through participatory art.

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Chester Ag Center

Consultation and facilitation to help CAC’s investors, staff, farmer lessees, and community co-create the next phase of the center’s regenerative farming mission in the black dirt of Orange County, NY.

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Farm Life Meditations

Guided meditations inviting imaginative embodiment of animals and plants living in the farmscape. While relaxing and compassion-building, the collection develops a felt sense of the cultural- and biodiversity possible on farms.