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IMA Foundation Course


The Institute for Mindful Agriculture offers a place-based 15- day transformational program unfolding over 12 months throughout the 4 seasons within four 3- day workshops (Spring 2017 – Winter 2018) at Hawthorne Valley Farm. The program brings together stakeholders from all over the agriculture and food system, engaged eaters and others who consider themselves pilgrims and pioneers of a newly emerging narrative of agriculture and a caring food economy. The goal is to create opportunity for individual and collective spiritual and social development by looking deeply into the earth-rhythms of nature and presencing its implications for the renewal of the agricultural food system.

The IMA Foundation Course has a transformational intention: to facilitate re-connection to inner experience, life processes of the earth and the big challenges of our time towards re-imaging ourselves as human beings in our next evolutionary step and its implications for prosperity and right livelihood. 

The full cycle of 4 workshops is based on the methodologies of Theory U ( Otto Scharmer), mindfulness and social engaged Buddhism (Thich Nhat Thanh), the anthroposophical cosmology of Rudolf Steiner, the nature work of Joanna Macy,  the “Gross National Happiness” work of Bhutan,  experiential learning approaches from Waldorf Education, Theory U, positive psychology, Goethean phenomenology and mindfulness practice. Knowledge on content themes will be derived from leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners.

The overall 1-year-process moves through the earth-to-earth cycle of nature as a master model for the renewal of the agriculture and food towards a collaborative earth-to-earth production, distribution and consumption organism.

Workshops Dates:

5/12/17 - 5/14/17

8/4/17 - 8/6/17

10/27/17 - 10/29/17

2/2/18 - 2/4/18


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