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Connecting to the Soil, Self and the Economy


The Institute for Mindful Agriculture invites you to the AUTUMN MODULE of its SEASONAL FOUNDATION PROGRAM October 27th/5pm through October 29th/1pm at Hawthorne Valley Farm

If we treated our friends the way we, as people, treat the Earth, our friends would never talk to us again. Across the globe we exploit our planet in the most destructive way on a daily basis- and still expect her to produce our food, give us nourishing spaces to explore, be our home.

If you think the time has come to make a difference, if you want to enhance your ability to be a change agent, if you want to learn something about yourself and work with others who are deeply committed to honoring the Earth and all that live there, please join us for a weekend at Hawthorne Valley Farm.

The Institute for Mindful Agriculture is committed to helping all of us improve our relationship with our home planet. By looking critically and deeply at ourselves and our relationship to the Earth through the lens of food and farming we can unlock our individual and collective capacities for transformational change.

During our Autumn Module we will dig deeper into the dynamic interdependence of Soil, Self and Economy through immersion in autumn's gestures of setting seed, anchoring the future life of the seed within the earth, and the dissolving of life above ground. Activities will include: 

  • Short presentations on the gesture of the year, mindful inner practice and working towards a food and agriculture economy serving the well-being of all
  • harvesting and autumn farm work
  • silent nature walks
  • individual mindfulness and self-reflection practices
  • discussions on transforming the current agriculture-food value chain

This workshop is part of a series of four, but can be taken individually as well. The costs for the weekend are on a sliding scale of $500-$250 including two dinners, one lunch and snacks. Further reduction of fees is possible upon request. Please contact Rachel Schneider to register or for more information:

Hawthorne Valley Farm is a biodynamic farm and food business as well as our learning lab for examining the co-evolutionary relationship between human beings and our Earth. As a working farm it shows us how agriculture and the food system play an important role in restoring a healthy and mindful relationship to our planet.